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How to Setup SendFox – Tutorial for Newbies 2020

When you are starting out as a blogger or developing a small business, it’s important to turn our subscribers and users into our customers. Using SendFox features, you will be able to effectively communicate with your audience.

Let’s see how to set up SendFox and learn more about it’s features.

In your account page, you need to enter your details, especially your time zone and physical address inorder to comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

Learn more about CAN-SPAM laws.

SendFox Account settings

Once your account has been verified via email, you need to enter a custom URL which will be your primary landing page url.

Web Presence

Add your content sources below to set up your Web Presence. They auto-generate content for your Smart Page landing page and Smart Campaign emails using your Web Presence like your Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media channels.

You can also add your social media links to the email footer by checking the checkbox under “Your Social Media” header.

SendFox Web Presence

API & Integration

If you’re building a custom integration to SendFox which requires users to authenticate in order to get access tokens to make API requests on their behalf, you’ll need to create an OAuth 2.0 client. This is easy to do from the “OAuth Apps” settings page

SendFox directly integrates with popular softwares like Zapier, MailOptin, ResponseSuit, Sumo, King Sumo and more.

Learn more about API & Integrations.


Domain validation is important because it improves deliverability of your emails and is less likely to send your emails into spam.

Add your domain name without entering the full url. For example, our domain name is Omit https// or www from prefix and just use

SendFox Domain Validation

Next click the validate button and you will be shown CNAME entries that you will need to copy into your DNS settings.

SendFox Domain CNAME Validation

Newbiesprout uses Cloudflare. Each web host provider is different so check on their website how to add CNAME entries to your DNS settings. 

Copy and Paste your CName entries as shown below.

Note: Make sure to change the proxy status from Proxied to DNS only.

Cloudflare Proxy Status to DNS only

Some web hosts like Namecheap or GoDaddy might show issues while trying to validate. In such cases, try removing your domain name from Host Column.

For example, if the domain name is, remove that part from so it would look like sf._domainkey. Do the same for the rest 2 CNames. 

The data part remains the same.

Once you have inserted your CNAME details into your web host, go back to SendFox and click on the orange ‘Validate’ button below your CNAME entries.

Your Domain should now be validated.

SendFox Domain Validated Successfully

Note: The emails will be sent from [email protected] till you have validated your domain. This is done to make sure that the emails are delivered to your subscribers inbox, thus increasing the email deliverability.

List Settings

Double opt-in will be checked by default. It can only be disabled if you are on Empire Add-On plan.

7443 682990

Subscriber Referrals

SendFox has built its own referral system that can help you build your email list. This referral system encourages your subscribers to introduce others to your brand and invite them into your mailing list. The main catch is that they would be reaping some rewards by doing so.

Let’s see how it works.

In the subscribers referral page, under email’s footer section, check “Promote referral in all email footers”. 

SendFox Subscriber Referral Email Footer

This will add a unique referral link into footers of all your emails.

You can add an image or a text as the title and set a color theme for your referral hub page.

Different Milestones can be set for your subscribers which will encourage them to get more leads for you.

SendFox Contacts Referral Hub Page Settings

Here’s how the we have setup our referral program:

Each subscriber gets a unique referral link.

If someone signs up using a subscriber’s referral link, this subscriber will have one referred contact. 

When a subscriber achieves a specific number of referrals, NewbieSprout will send them a prize mentioned in the referral hub page.

This is how our referral page looks like.

SendFox Subscriber Referral Hub - Share to Win
SendFox Subscriber Referral Hub - social share
SendFox Subscriber Referral Hub - Prize

You have an option to share your referral link via direct link, email or social media like twitter, facebook or linkedin.

You can see the prizes we offer for completion of each milestone

5 referralsHow to setup your website Ebook

20 referralsSEO 101 unlocked Ebook

50 referralsAccess to our LMS on digital marketing

You can add more prizes as and when required.

The leaderboard will bring in that competitive spirit into it which would push your subscribers to bring in more referrals.You could also offer a special gift to the subscriber who reaches the first 200 referrals or a milestone that you decide upon.

You can build your own strategy which will help you to quickly build your email list.

How to use SendFox and it’s features

SendFox provides unlimited sending, unlimited automation, landing pages and more within their lifetime deal.

Let’s go through each in detail.


SendFox Dashboard is very clean and user friendly. It helps you keep track of important stats like your active subscribers, new subscribers, open rates, bounce rates.

SendFox Dashboard

Email Campaigns

Go to the emails page and create your first email campaign.

SendFox Create Email Campaign

All plans come with a WYSIWYG editor and it is very easy and straightforward to create an email campaign. 

You have an option to personalize your email which will help to increase the conversion rate. Use these personalized tags to dynamically insert the contact’s information like first name, last name and email in your email.

When you address the emails in general, people tend to look over it and it is less likely for them to open that mail. Probably they might consider it as spam.

It’s always best to address people by their name.

For example, you are sending mail to a client named “George”.

Which one do you think would grab his attention ?

Hi Sir


Hi George

Definitely addressing his name would.

Using preview mode, You can check how your email would look like on desktop and mobile.

You can also send a test mail to any email id to make sure everything is perfect before sending or scheduling your email to your list.

On the top right, you have an option to send to active subscribers only. This is measured based on their open and click rates, thus showing their interest for new content from you. The emails won’t be sent to people who aren’t interested in your mails. This helps you get better open and click rates, thus keeping a strong list.

This is how SendFox Emails Dashboard looks like.

SendFox Email Campaign Dashboard

It’s important to keep track of these metrics. 

On an average the open rate should be around 20% and click-to-open rate should be around 15%. If it goes well below the average, it’s important to check your content and try and improve it.

Going through this email marketing benchmark guide might help you understand.

On the top right there is an option to turn on Smart Campaign which would send a weekly newsletter from your blog and social media feeds.

Under Smart Campaigns Settings, you can auto schedule when to send the newsletter each week and you have an option to send it to a specific list of your choice.

You can also include feeds from your social media accounts.

You can also turn on the content updates if you wish to send new content published on your blog.

SendFox Smart Campaigns Settings


This is where all the magic happens.

You can start by creating a welcome series automation with your most popular pieces of content whether its videos , blog posts, podcasts or anything else. You can invite them to subscribe to your channel or follow you on social media when they access that content. 

I will show you how to create one.

Go to the automations dashboard. Click the arrow next to create automation series and click “Start with a Template”.

SendFox Create Automation Series

Just answer a few questions like your website name, website url, social media handlers and SendFox will create automation for you.

You have 2 options to select from. If you have a website with blog content, you can go ahead with the Welcome Email Series Template. If you are promoting just on social media, select Social Follow Template.

SendFox Automation Template

Your automation will look like this.

SendFox Automation Sequence

Getting confused ?

I will explain how automation works.

Let’s say you create a landing page and someone subscribes, that person will get added to your list. In our case, the list is named “Landing Page Signups”.

Let that someone be Mr. Noah.

Now Noah will receive “Welcome to Newbie Sprout” mail the moment he is added to the list.

We have set a 24 hour delay between each mail sequence. You can change the delay as per your needs.

Note that we have added a tag in between the first 2 mail sequences. A tag is basically used to segment your contacts based on their actions within the automation.

In our case, when a user clicks a link in that mail, he will be added to a new list.

I have included my podcast link in my welcome email. If Noah clicks on the link, he will be added to a new list where I will be sending mails related to my podcast.

SendFox Automation Tags

I can remove him from this automation if the above conditions are met. I just need to check “Remove contact from this automation” option.

Apart from the Welcome Email, we have 2nd mail linking to our blogs and the 3rd mail showing links to our social media pages.

You can edit these sequences and create more as per your requirement.


Under the Lists Dashboard, you will be able to group your contacts into as many lists as you want. Unlike other tools out there, SendFox won’t charge you for the same contact on multiple lists.

If you are shifting from other email marketing tools like Convertkit, Aweber or Mail Lite, you have an option to upload your list as a csv file or else you have an option to auto import from Mailchimp and google contacts.

SendFox Create List - Import from Mailchimp and Google Contacts


All your subscribers will be listed here. You can see if they are active subscribers or not, their open and click rates, referrals, the lists to which they have been added.

You have an option to edit the contact information and also export contacts as a CSV file.

SendFox Contacts List


Forms are used to capture leads to your website. These forms can be easily integrated into your website, enabling you to grow your email list.

Creating form is simple and straightforward.

Go to Forms Dashboard and click Create Form.

SendFox Create Form

At the moment, SendFox only allows to capture first name, last name and email address. It is not possible to add more custom fields. I am hoping they will add that option in their future updates.

You have an option to enable reCAPTCHA which will help stop any spam or bot sign-ups.

If you have an existing form, just add data-recaptcha=”true” to your <form> element.

There is an option to add GDPR consent where you are asking permission from the users before using their personal data.

This is just a basic template. You can add styles to the form based on your website theme.

If you want to embed a form on your website, it’s dead easy to do. Just copy the embeddable code and paste it into the text editor on your website.

If you are using WordPress, you can integrate using SendFox WordPress Plugin. You can use Advanced Form Integration Plugin If you are using other types of forms like Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.

Smart Campaigns

Landing Page or Smart Page as called by SendFox is a page to capture your leads.

To set up your landing page, go to Smart Pages Dashboard.

By default, you might find a landing page there which has been set as primary. You can either edit it by clicking title name or create a new landing page.

You can edit the Landing page title and landing page content.

Note: The website title will be used as the SEO title of the page.

Enable the Feed Page if you wish to display your blog content and social media feeds.

Note: Make sure you have added your web and social media url in Web Presence.

SendFox Smart Page Editor

In your landing page at the bottom you will find “Let me read first” url. This will enable people to first go through your feeds before subscribing to your weekly newsletter. This will help people to know what kind of content you are putting out.

You can display your sent emails by selecting a tag at the bottom of “Enable Feed Page”.

SendFox Email Tags

If you wish to add a tag, you can create one by going into the Email editor of one of your email campaigns. You will see an option to add tags at the bottom.

In the Visuals tab, you can display your logo by uploading an image or by adding a plain text, set color theme and add a page image if you wish to.

In the Forms tab, you can select the information you wish to collect, select a list to add your subscribers and set a redirect url which will take them to a page you specify after they sign up.

Once you have set up your landing page, you can start promoting it. You have an option on the right side of the list on your smart page dashboard.

SendFox Promote Smart Page

Support - Chat System

I have had a great experience with SendFox support so far. I have received responses for all my queries within 24 hours.

You can contact their support from your sendfox dashboard itself. There is a chat icon at the bottom right of the screen where you will get instant answers for your queries generated by bots.

sendfox chat instant answers

If you wish to send a mail to their support you can do so from within the chat box itself. You can also view the previous conversations you had with the support team.

SendFox Chat Support

Bonus: You will be rewarded with additional 1000 contacts into your plan if you complete the following.

  1. Schedule and send a smart campaign in the first 24 hours – 500 contacts
  2. Promote your smart page in the first 24 hours at least to 10 contacts – 300 contacts
  3. Set up web presence in the first 24 hours – 200 contacts

That’s it guys.

Hope this tutorial has helped you to set up and start your email marketing journey with SendFox.

This is the best and most affordable tool I have come across for email marketing. Get the Lifetime Deal from SendFox before they take off the offer.

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