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SendFox Lifetime Deal, Review and Pricing: No Recurring Fee

What’s up content creators

Are you finding it hard to communicate with your followers and fans but you don’t wanna blow all your cash on Email marketing ?

I have found the most affordable email marketing tool that offers unlimited emails, unlimited automations, landing pages, forms and integrations. 

If you want to grow your brand and don’t want to go broke, then you better read through this article because I have got a great deal for you.

Why SendFox ?

Almost all email marketing tools have a monthly recurring payment which will be a burden for bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers who are just starting out.

Guess what

SendFox Doesn’t

SendFox offers you a lifetime deal starting with 5k subscribers for life, unlimited.

Email marketing tools like convertkit, Aweber will cost around 70$ – 90$ / month for 5k subscribers.

Guess how much I am saving now.

1000$ a Year.

You heard me right. That’s huge isn’t it ?

The difference I saw in SendFox compared to other well-known email marketing providers was that SendFox gives importance to simplicity and is open about not having all the features that you might find in other tools.

When I heard Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo, talking about SendFox, I checked it out.

49$ for life, crazy deal, snapped it straight up, it’s a great piece of software, it’s simple to use, you’ve got all the functionality that you could need.

I love the way the emails look in the inbox, everybody’s receiving them, also it’s good at getting through spam filters.

SendFox Features

These are some of the basic features that I look for in an email marketing tool:

The ability to create multiple lists via opt-ins / double opt-ins, set-up/schedule/send emails and have sales funnels with automated emails.

SendFox provides all these features and more within their lifetime plan:

It provides everything you need to build up your brand and turn your followers and fans into customers. 

The competitors provide a lot of features which, honestly, I don’t use. SendFox delivers what they say they do. No false promises.

You can check out how to set up SendFox and a detailed walkthrough of these features.

While mentioning it’s features, I should also mention some of its cons as well.

Sendfox Branding – Sendfox branding will be displayed at the footer in the mails you send. You can remove the branding if you upgrade to the Empire Add-on plan which will cost $18/month.

Double opt-in – This feature can’t be disabled in LTD. This is optional only for the monthly plan.

No access to HTML editor –  HTML editor would have helped to format your emails better which might help increase your sales. HTML editor is possible only with the monthly plan.

No Attachments – There is no option to add an attachment to your emails on SendFox. This feature comes in handy when you want to send freebies to your subscribers. 

A workaround would be to upload your files to dropbox or similar services and provide the shareable link in your email.

No Custom Fields – At the moment, SendFox only allows to capture first name, last name and email address. It is not possible to add more custom fields. I am hoping they would add more custom fields in their future updates.

The cons are something that can be ignored considering the features it provides for an incredibly low price compared to its competitors.

This is a lifetime deal and I don’t know for how long this offer will be around and I highly recommend it.

Why would you want to pay $100 – $150 a month when you can get it for 49$ one time payment for 5k contacts ?

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