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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Any Videos

Yes, you heard it right.

You can earn money from YouTube without creating any content.

Want to know how ?

Let’s jump right in.

Now here’s a question for you guys. 

Have you ever seen a YouTube video in which the person in it didn’t even show their face more likely than not.

The answer to that question is probably yes but I bet you didn’t know that these types of videos can actually make a ton of money.

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Most of these channels aren’t even original in the sense that they’re just using other people’s videos but they’re transforming it. 

So basically what these channels do is they go out there and they download videos from YouTube, re-upload them on their own channel and then make money from those videos by putting ads on them.

Now is this legal and the answer is yes if it falls under something called fair use.

How do I figure out which of these videos I can actually use and how do I actually make money doing it. Well, that’s a good question and the way that you actually do it is by using what’s called creative commons

You can filter out creative common videos from the filters as shown below.

Creative Commons Filter

What creative common means is that you are free to use these videos on your channel.

All you have to do is download and compile these videos, add an impressive title and eye catching thumbnail.

Who knows. It might go VIRAL.

If you are not that good at editing videos, you can always hire editors from fiverr, upwork or any other freelancing sites.

Try and find the videos that people watch daily.

How do you find trending videos ?

Click the trending videos tab.

And search for the term that you wish to make the videos of.

Say you are into the gaming niche. Try to find the trending videos in that niche and filter it out as creative commons.

Fitness, Sports Highlights, gaming are something that people continue to watch over time. If you are starting out, You can either opt for ever trending video or videos that trend for a short while but can create a huge impact on your video and probably keep changing as the trends change.

“Top10”, “Best”, “popular” are some keywords that people normally search for and are highly competitive.

You can find YouTube trending and for a particular niche that you are working on.

You might come across videos that have reached 2 million views in 16 hours.

Now filter out creative common videos and start making your compilation.

So all you need to do is go into YouTube, search for popular videos that have the creative common license which is totally free to reuse in whatever way you want and then you make a better version of those videos. You make a better thumbnail with a keyword rich title.

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You basically make a better master version of all those already popular videos.

Your first video might not be that good, your second video might not go viral but if you are persistent enough to keep making better videos than the ones out there, you will start to make 100s and 1000s of dollars in no time.

You can also get content to use in your videos from free stock footage websites.

There are many YouTube channels out there which literally just makes videos with the voiceover on top of free stock footage. 

The number one website that I recommend is a website called where you can get completely free videos and pictures to use within your YouTube videos.

I would actually recommend uploading at least one video a day per channel.

The more you post the better but usually the most doable schedule is about one video a day and remember that these videos should only take around an hour or so to make so this should be completely doable.

There are channels out there making over a hundred thousand dollars a month so it’s definitely worth it to put in the work and make one video a day.

You want to make sure that you have amazing thumbnails in order to make the most amount of money with this. 

Well, you might be thinking, “I don’t have photoshop and don’t know how to use it”.

You don’t actually need Photoshop to do this.

You can use an online base software called Canva which is available for both Mac and PC.

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Try to Increase both your audience retention and watch time

For a ten minute video you should aim to get around a 60% average view duration which means that on average for every single person that watches your video, they watch an average of 60% of that video and the number one thing to help increase audience retention is having a lot of fast cuts throughout your video.

The next thing that you want to look at that’s super important is click-through rate

Now click-through rate is the percentage of people that click to watch your video after seeing your video in either search results or browse features or in the suggested video feed and you want to aim to get at least a 6 percent click-through.

If you can get a 60 percent average view duration on a 10 minute video and a 6 percent click-through rate you’re incredibly likely to go viral this is how you go viral on YouTube.

I have many of my friends who make 1000s of dollars following this exact strategy. They all started out with zero experience and zero subscribers. All you have to do is just get started.

Be action takers.

All you have to do is remake better videos that have the creative common license, upload them and watch the views start coming in because there are millions of people on YouTube every single day and this is an amazing way to start making money online with zero money to start.

I would love to know how it turned out for you guys. Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time.

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