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What is CDN and its benefits ? How does CDN work ?

I am sure you have come across the term CDN. You might be wondering what it is or how it will benefit your website.

We will look into some of its features and how it works as we go through this article.

CDN or Content Delivery Network are servers placed in different parts of the world which work together to provide content at a much faster rate. Today, a major share of web traffic is served through CDNs, as it’s popularity keeps rising day by day.

You might be wondering that CDN is a web hosting. 

Well, not exactly.

It helps to cache your website contents in servers placed in different parts of the globe. So when a user requests for a content from your website, it servers from the closest CDN server rather than serving it from the origin server.

For example, if you are hosting your web content with namecheap and your server location is in the United States, and you are trying to access the website from India, there would be a delay in loading your website page which would affect your website rankings and might risk losing your customer.

That’s where CDN comes into play.

You can see how CDN works here.

How does CDN works

Users access the nearest CDN Server (also called Edge Server) rather than accessing the content from Origin server.

Benefits of using CDN

Faster delivery of content

CDNs use an intelligent caching mechanism so the content user is requesting is always available in the edge servers located near to them. They don’t need to access the origin server which might be located in another country. Less travel time means faster delivery.

100% availability and constant uptime

If your website doesn’t load, chances are they won’t visit your website again. You can see many of the web hosts  not being able to provide 100% uptime due to maintenance, server overload, hardware or software issues, power outages. 

Shared hosting has more chances for downtime as you are sharing your resources with others. High traffic on one of those websites can potentially bring down all the websites on that server. 

For example, if you are running an e-commerce website, high traffic can be expected during seasons and special offers and there will be a huge spike in traffic which will overload the server and can result in downtime. 

CDN’s will help reduce the chances of a crash by unloading some of the website resources to a server close to the website visitor.

Google might penalize you if your website is down frequently, which will affect your SEO ranking.

DDoS protection

Hackers send malware and take control of multiple systems and try to send bogus requests to your website, increasing the load and making the website slow or even to crash thus making it unavailable to users which affects your brand, reputation, profitability.

A CDN will make sure that a flood of requests doesn’t reach the origin server, rather it redistributes traffic to other servers. Your site won’t experience any downtime.

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SEO advantages

Increase Website Speed

Page speed is a very important factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

It was initially announced by google webmasters that speed will be a factor in website ranking. In 2018, they announced that page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches as well.

The faster your website is, the better chance you have moving up in SERPs.

CNDs reduce file size by using Minification and file compression techniques thus reducing the amount of data being transferred which in turn reduces the server load.

Reduce Bounce Rate

CDN’s will reduce bounce rate (visitors leaving your website within a few seconds) which in turn will help your Website Ranking.

Image Search

Optimizing your website with CDN will increase the frequency in which Google crawls your images, in turn allowing your images to be more widely available and indexed faster in Google. 

Is your website fast enough ? Use a website speed test tool like GTMetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights to check your website speed and see if you need more optimization.

This is a speed test I ran on our website. You can see how CDN has helped improve our website speed.

Website Speed Test - GTmetrix

If your website loads anywhere around 2.5 second or less, it’s a good sign.

Data Security

CDNs will allow you to integrate any kind of SSL certificate thus protecting the personal information of the users when data is transferred between your website and it’s users.

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If you are using CDN and know any more of it’s uses or benefits that I missed out to mention, do let us know via comments. 

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