Newbie Sprout


My name is Ajay and I am the founder of Newbie Sprout.

Ok now that sounds too formal ain’t it ?

Let’s go a bit casual so that you get comfortable with me as well as my blog.

Wazzap Guys!

Ok, maybe not that casual.

Anyhow, let me brief about who I am and the purpose of Newbie Sprout.

Founder of Newbie Sprout - Ajay Raj Varghese
Founder of Newbie Sprout

About Me

I’m a computer engineer by education and worked as a web developer for 5 years. I quit my job and joined our family business.

One reason why I quit my Job was I wanted freedom. I wanted to explore different areas in life and it was impossible to do that while being stuck in a 9 – 5 job.

Yeah I know what you might be thinking.

Why quit your job when you had a steady income ?

This is my take on it.

You get one shot at life. Why not take some risk and do what you love to do ?

Being in family business was fine but I wanted to do something that I really loved and cared about. I tried out freelancing for a while and it didn’t turn out that well.

I always loved to do research and explore things that interested me.

Following people like Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Digital Deepak inspired me to start blogging. 

I am basically an introvert and blogging has given me the opportunity to express myself, to share my knowledge and expertise with you guys.

Blogging has given me the freedom to work from any place, at any time.

By God’s Grace, I have been blessed with few talents which I would love to develop over time and blogging gives me that freedom to do so.

I love cooking, playing football and also into music.

Ajay Cooking
Making Bar-be-que
Playing Bass for a Christmas Concert
Playing Bass for a Christmas Concert
Playing Football
Qualifiers for 5's Fifa World Cup

About Newbie Sprout

I think the name itself gives you an idea what the blog is about.

My goal or objective is to help all newbies out there to make things easy and understand more about the products that they are about to use.

I try to simplify things in a way that a 5 or 10 years old would understand it.

Well, at least I try.

Here is what you will find on Newbie Sprout:

  1.  Product reviews based on my personal experience with the product.
  2. Detailed tutorials on how to set up and use the product.
  3. Make a comparative study between different tools you find out there so it becomes easier for you to pick from the lot according to your needs.

And these are the topics you will come across on my blog:

  1.  SEO
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. WordPress Themes and Plugins
  6. Domain and Hosting
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Digital Trends and Hacks

Going through my blog will help you save a ton of time because I am doing all the hard work for you.

I like to be as honest and transparent as possible. The reviews are based on my personal experience with the product as well as some extra research and case studies.

You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter to keep yourself updated on the latest trends in the market.

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That’s it for now! See you out there.

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